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Laser Tracker Alignment

Our premier Laser Tracker alignment services using state of the art dimensional metrology technology with an accuracy of 0.001".
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Turbine Alignment

Revolutionary new "tops on" turbine alignment process including a full 18 station inspection in only 3 hours, with on site reports.
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Optical Alignment

Professional Optical Alignment services for industrial machinery. Precise measurements up to 0.001".
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Hyper Compressors

Precise compressor alignment and coupling alignment services using state-of-the-art dimensional metrology technology with an accuracy of 0.001".
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Industries Served

Precision Leveling

Tooling Inspection

Symmetry Checks

Power Generation


Thermal Growth

CAD Modeling

Part Mating


Crane Inspection

Gantry Machines

Fixture Building

Recent Blog Posts

  • Internal Alignment of Gas & Steam Turbines

    by Schaeffer Precision Alignment
    Using laser tracker technology Schaeffer Precision Alignment has created the fastest method of performing internal alignments of gas and steam turbines. This method is the fastest way to gather a tremendous amount of data and still maintain the highest levels of accuracy. There are a lot of benefits that make our unique process beneficial to ...
  • 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Schaeffer Precision Alignment

    by Schaeffer Precision Alignment
    Typically we reserve this blog for a discussion about how our services can improve the equipment and machinery of our clients. However, in today’s blog we are taking steps to be more transparent about who we are and the purpose behind Schaeffer Precision Alignment (SPA). The following list gives 5 largely unknown facts about SPA and ...
  • Questions To Ask Your Metrology Alignment Consultant

    by Schaeffer Precision Alignment
    We offer a free consultation with one of our metrology alignment consultants, which is often very helpful for our clients. It helps them to understand exactly the services that we provide as well as helping us understand how we can best help the client. In today’s blog we will discuss some important questions to ask your ...
  • Improving The Efficiency of Turbines

    by Schaeffer Precision Alignment
    Dimensional metrology of gas and steam turbines is the practice of calibrating equipment to achieve optimum quality control during the installation or realignment process. Modern technology has provided premium tools to achieve the highest level of precision measurement, one of which is the laser tracker. For many, understanding the alignment process of a turbine can be ...