Best Steam Turbine Alignment Method

December 18, 2011

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There are many different methods that have been used to align steam turbines, but there is only one method that can provide precise and accurate results every time. In today’s blog post we will discuss the best steam turbine alignment method and how can it be done in a wide variety of settings.

Laser Precision
Using the latest technology in lasers, Schaeffer Precision Alignment is able to provide precision measurements every time, in almost any setting. The word “precision” means the act of making measurements exact and accurate each time the process is performed.

Accuracy Checks
Every alignment procedure we perform is based on a strict adherence to repeatable accuracy checks. From the moment we begin the project to the moment we complete it, we are constantly checking back into our original points of reference to ensure that the process of alignment will conclude with reliable, repeatable results. And when working with large equipment, a couple thousandths of an inch is often the max tolerance.

Our laser equipment is extremely portable making it easy for us to travel from one end of the country to the other quickly. We have performed alignment of steam turbines from coast to coast and this extensive experience gives us an edge over all other alignment methodologies.

Speed of Alignment
Because we utilize the best equipment in the industry, we are able to provide measurement services in a fraction of the time that it takes less advanced methods. All data is gathered by electronic means, eliminating the need for any optical alignment methods. We can get it done faster than anyone else.

Complete Reporting
After the first alignment we can provide graphs showing the current state of your steam turbine. This fast reporting gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions quickly. Knowing the full picture is the key to getting your turbine aligned properly.

At Schaeffer Precision Alignment we use the best technology available to ensure that your steam turbine is aligned properly. To discuss our steam turbine alignment services please contact us through our online form or you can call us right now at 903-796-7941.

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