industrialThere are many different types of precision equipment across the thousands of industrial plants throughout the United States. Whether your equipment is a rotary or machine tool it must be aligned properly in order to provide quality product. Quality control starts with laser precision alignment.

When machinery is not geometrically correct the misalignment will lead to line breakage, reduced product output, and increased downtown due to repairs and part replacement. Bumping, rubbing, and grinding are the effect of poorly alignment machinery. When columns are not square, slides are not straight, and surfaces are not flat it will significantly slow production.

Even machinery that was installed properly with laser precision equipment can become misaligned in day-to-day production. The following items are just a few ways how machinery can become misaligned.

    industrial machinery
  • Thermal Shifts – Hot and cold differences can make a big difference in the alignment of rotary and machine tools. Even a shift in humidity or seasonal change can greatly affect the performance of precision machinery.
  • Vibration – When parts are misaligned, even by a few millimeters, vibration is the effect. Vibration and misalignment is directly propositional. The more vibration, the more the equipment can become misaligned.
  • Foundation Problems – The integrity of the machinery’s foundation has a huge effect on its precision alignment.
  • Rebuilding – Replacing old, worn parts with new parts can lead to largely misaligned equipment. No two parts are exactly the same. Any rebuilding, repairing, or re-installation of machinery requires laser precision alignment.

Regular alignment checks and tweaks are absolutely necessary to maintaining the integrity of production machinery. The good news is that Schaeffer Precision Alignment has the tools needed to provide precision maintenance with limited downtime. The days of long shutdowns are over. With today’s technology we can provide laser precision checks and installations in a fraction of the time.

Give us a call today and schedule a precision alignment check during your next scheduled shutdown. You’ll find that it barely adds any time to your downtime, but it will improve the production and efficiency of your machinery.