Optical Alignment Services

Optical AlignmentSince 1989, the name Schaeffer Precision Alignment, Inc. has been synonymous with optical alignment. We are a licensed and insured service contractor, specializing in precision measurement. For many years the industry standard in alignment has been optical alignment, through the use of theodolites and precision levels. SPA has served over 250 companies in a multitude of industries by combining our experience in precision measurement with our standard operating optical alignment equipment. As new measurement technology continues to come and grow one thing remains constant: optical alignment continues to produce results and SPA knows optical alignment.

Optical AlignmentProper alignment of machine components can solve many problems that cause product conditions such as; poor web tracking, web breaks, baggy edges and uneven thickness. Our goal is to eliminate machine problems, increase efficiency and improve the quality of the product. Precision alignment of web tracking is accomplished at installation or during maintenance through the use of optical tooling instruments, and a variety of mechanical measuring devices and custom made jigs and fixtures developed over years of applications. Our trained professional teams have worked for over 250 companies since 1989 and we are entirely confident that we can solve your alignment issues. We have covered a very wide array of industries and we are certain that we can align just about anything.

Schaeffer Precision Alignment, Inc. offers you the technical knowledge, expertise and experience to evaluate your alignment needs. SPA provides complete, alignment support for machinery installations (both new and used) and optical alignment of existing machinery – solving run ability problems and insuring optimum performance. Our alignment teams are mobile and completely equipped with the highest quality state –of-the-art optical instruments and equipment. We tailor our services to your needs; providing optical teams to support in-house maintenance crews; or working with other outside contractors.

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