laser clockThe measurement process is only a means to an end, the real work happens when the machinery is actually adjusted based on the results of the measurement. In today’s blog we discuss the advantages of using real-time measurement technology to monitor the adjustment process as it happens!

  1. Faster Adjustments
    binaryTypically, after measurements are made millwrights make adjustments to the machinery. Anchors are loosened, shims are added, shims are removed, and anchors are re-tightened. After the lengthy process of adjustment the alignment crew then re-measures the machinery only to find that the machinery is still out of alignment and the adjustment process starts all over again. With real-time measurements we are able to watch the adjustment process as it happens and guide the millwrights as they lower, raise, or shift the machinery.
  2. Higher Precision
    Thanks to our higher grade technology which can measure adjustments in real-time the end result is much more precise. Rough adjustments without real-time monitoring can take 3 times as long to reach the same precision that Schaeffer Precision Alignment can obtain in just one process.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring
    Apart from monitoring the actual adjustment process, we are also able to provide real-time monitoring of the machinery as parts are added, removed, or other changes are made to the machinery. Some clients have actually used our processes to monitor machinery while it is running, thus determining how the equipment performing while in use.

Schaeffer Precision Alignment’s real-time measuring process can save your company many hours of frustrating adjustments. We can ensure that the machinery is put in place the first time, without all the time consuming corrections and re-corrections.