thermalThermal growth is the expansion of the machine due to heat. When thermal growth is not taken into account it can result in high vibration and excessive power consumption.

All machinery generates heat, thus causing changes in alignment. The question is not whether or not this is happening to your turbine, the question is only how much it is effecting your efficiency, performance, and component life.

thermalOEM data is provided from the manufacturer, but because this data is based on a test unit it is often not sufficient to make adjustments that will improve the performance of the machinery.

To best curb the detrimental effects of thermal growth it is recommended that onsite measurements be taken of the equipment in question. Precise measurements of the machinery at rest and after growth is the only way to gain true precision alignment of the turbomachinery.

At Schaeffer Precision Alignment we use laser alignment technology to determine real live results of what your equipment is doing while running and at rest. We can provide onsite results and consultation on the alignment. Upon the adjustment of the machinery we will then remeasure the adjusted equipment and verify that it is properly aligned.

A professional alignment company is just a phone call away. Our services are available from coast to coast. Whether it is a machinery installation or scheduled shutdown let Schaeffer Precision Alignment get your machinery running efficiently with less downtime.