fancy clockEach new advancement in technology brings smaller, more advanced parts that accomplish more with less. It would be a mystery as to how something like this could be accomplished if one did not understand the role of industrial metrology in today’s manufacturing process.

Let’s take a brief look at the secret to creating effective processes and superior products… Metrology!

Metrology Is Quality Control for Manufacturers

Whether it’s the manufacturing of a car or electricity, metrology is the key to creating highly effective processes and superior products. There are hundreds of thousands of parts in the creation of today’s most innovative products. In modern manufacturing each part must be produced to very precise specifications or the parts will not fit together properly, thus making an inferior product. Individual parts shift and move causing damage and losing the integrity of the product.

Metrology is most effective when used at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Many companies assume that quality control is something that happens at the end of the manufacturing process, but the fact is that the machines used during the manufacturing process must be subjected to a detailed metrology check. This is an ongoing process in today’s advanced manufacturing.

drillIn industries where precision is important, like automotive, aerospace, technology and more, metrology technology like Coordinate Measuring Machines have been adopted to make measurements to within a millionth of an inch.

Increased Precision Of Automobiles

The widespread adoption of precision metrology in the automotive industry is one reason you can count on cars to last longer than they used to. At one time, owning a car that lasted 100,000 miles was an accomplishment. Now, it’s pretty common for cars to last 200,000, and even 300,000 miles and still be going strong.

This huge increase in quality is due to automotive manufacturers paying close attention to every part that goes into the car you drive, and making sure those products fit together exactly right, every time one comes off the assembly line. These advances have been made possible by metrology technology.