"The people at Schaeffer Precision are top-notch. They are professional, knowledgeable, detailed, informative and friendly. Their integrity is unquestionable."

Chris Lab
Field Services Manager
UPS Machinery Services

"The equipment alignment that Brian Whitehead and his associates have done on our equipment has made it possible for us to reduce the effective web width in our process. This has been possible because the minor components on each machine are in the same relative place. We don’t need to compensate by running wider material through the equipment. We save money by using less material. Honesty, dependability, professional demeanor. These are the words I would use to describe the folks who have worked with us. These traits are the reason we have asked them back time after time. They also do great alignment work."

Bill McClain
Project Manager

"Schaeffer Precision Alignment has greatly improved the precision, repeatability and ease of providing internal turbine component alignment to the customers I serve. Their onsite staff provide excellent troubleshooting knowledge to quickly find components that were out of range, which is invaluable when working with older equipment that has seen service. They are also easy to work with when customizing the measurements in the areas that are of most concern to me. Thanks for making such amazing equipment and skills available."

W. Ray Stanley
Principal Engineer

"Schaeffer Precision Alignment has provided me with very valuable information on a couple of critical jobs. I used them for determining the amount of movement of boiler feed water piping and to reset soleplates and anchor bolts for new foundations on 2 boiler feed pumps. Mr. Schaeffer and his crews do very good work."

Jim Morrissey
Senior Engineer
(national power company)

"Absolutely the best support for us and our customers."

Jhony Vergel
Technical Director
Wood Group GTS

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