Message From the President

A note from Schaeffer Precision Alignment, Inc. president, Michael Schaeffer

In the past 35 years of providing dimensional metrology one of the things that has amazed me the most is the number of machines installed without the benefit of professional measurement only to perform poorly due to alignment error. I have found components that were installed and never aligned properly always cause unscheduled down time, excessive vibration, habitual wear of bearings and couplings.

The truth is that alignment of these machines at the time of installation or during regularly scheduled down time could have saved these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance cost. Well engineered gas and steam turbines, boiler feed pumps, rolling mills, overhead cranes, electric motors, gear boxes, and rotating equipment always provide a higher return on investment when they are well maintained and properly aligned.

If you have any questions about how our alignment services could help your company’s manufacturing process increase its return on investment give me a call.

Michael Schaeffer

President of Schaeffer Precision Alignment, Inc.

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