Hydro Turbine Alignment

Hydro Turbine Alignment Services

Serving a variety of industries nationwide, Schaeffer Precision Alignment is a key provider of state-of-the-art laser tracker services for the dimensional measurement and inspection of hydro turbine systems. We are at the forefront of metrology technology and practice, offering rapid digital reporting and 3D visual analysis with up to 0.001” precision.

hydro turbine alignment services
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Why Schaeffer Precision?

Our next generation approach for laser tracking utilizes alignment techniques that establish a centerline with a coordinate system. This allows for error-free 360° inspection of volumes up to 200’ and does not require generator shutdown or scaffolding removal. We help reduce turbine outage time and improve measurement speed for real-time data collection. Our specialized control points help us verify tolerances for repeatable accuracy 83% faster than traditional methods.

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Internal Alignment Inspection

Our internal alignment process offers a complete graphical snapshot for true bore center location, concentricity, radial, and axial distances. The data is fully customizable and easy to understand, highlighting components that are out of range, require replacement, are misaligned, or experiencing vibration. It provides an incredible amount of information while also reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, and lowering operational costs. In less than three hours, we can complete a tops-on or tops-off 18-station inspection for any 3 bearing hydro turbine.

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internal alignment inspection
thermal growth inspection

Thermal Growth Inspection

We measure the angle and distance of equipment parts, recording size and position during pre- or post-operation. It allows us to analyze unusual thermal growth, proactively anticipating the heat expansion of parts within 0.03mm repeatable accuracy, preventing excessive power consumption and vibration. Our technicians take a consultative approach, offering data reporting and visual graphics to proactively understand thermodynamic behavior.

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New Construction Layout

Our services offer a superior approach to large-scale equipment placement. Proper positioning, surface placement, calibration, and alignment are vital for effective layout planning. For hydro turbines, surveying its location relevant to other equipment reduces potential errors and prevents cost overruns or delays.

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new construction layout