Hyper Compressor Alignment

Hyper Compression Alignment

Employing state-of-art laser tracker services throughout the United States, Schaeffer Precision Alignment is a leader in specialized metrology analysis and dimensional measurement. Combining digital reporting with 3D graphics, we work with our clients to identify precision alignment needs for complex hyper compression systems.

hyper compression alignment
why schaeffer precision

Why Schaeffer Precision?

We are capable of achieving measurement recordings 3x faster than traditional methods with minimal downtime and 0.001” repeatable accuracy. Providing error-free 360° inspection of volumes up to 200’, our alignment methods are independent of gravity and use free axis orientation with specialized control points to ensure precise measurement tolerances.

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Internal Alignment Inspection

Combining next-generation laser technology with innovative computational software, we conduct on-site compressor alignments in less than five hours. Our methods verify the straightness of bores in both horizontal and vertical directions with respect to gravity. Each bore is confirmed for perpendicularity relative to the crankshaft. Crosshead assemblies are inspected before and after casing installation, precisely confirming distances below the centerline relative to the bore itself.

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internal alignment inspection
thermal growth inspection

Thermal Growth Inspection

Our reports also include thermal growth analysis, combining real-time heat expansion measurements to help anticipate part geometry changes during pre- or post-operation. Calculations are also taken after adjustments are made to verify perfect alignment. Thermal growth ultimately affects equipment performance, efficiency, and component life.

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New Construction Layout

Hyper compressor systems require even surface placement and proper positioning during new construction projects. A solid floor foundation for your hyper compressor system is vital to efficient operation, reduced vibration, and structural integrity.

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new construction layout
component inspection

Component Inspection

Ensuring exact angular and parallel alignment of the driver and driveshaft will help maintain equipment longevity. Our services anticipate potential areas of failure, reduce internal component stress, decrease energy usage, and enable vibration-free alignment. Both vertical and horizontal directions are always confirmed to be within manufacturer tolerances prior to startup or during scheduled inspections.

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