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Laser Tracker Alignment Services

At Schaeffer Precision Alignment, we combine unmatched reliability with repeatable accuracy for dimensional measurement and inspection. Our laser tracker solutions are at the forefront of metrology technology and practice, providing precise alignment analysis for any project.

laser tracker alignment services
why schaeffer precision

Why Schaeffer Precision?

We provide on-site readings that are three times faster than traditional methods, reduce downtime, and enable error-free 360° inspection of volumes up to 200’. Our specialized control points offer gravity-independent axis orientation and achieve 0.001” repeatable accuracy regardless of an object’s geometry, size, or axis of rotation. Our exclusive methods ensure cost savings, thorough data capture, and simplified reporting.

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Internal Alignment Inspection

We field multiple laser tracker systems that enable custom alignments specifically tailored for each project, measuring bore center location, coupling alignment, radial or axial distances, and concentricity. We can anticipate or identify misalignment issues, out of range components, and ensure geometrically correct ranges of motion.

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internal alignment inspection
new construction layout

New Construction Layout

Our team is well versed in the construction industry, optimizing equipment layouts for efficient operation, reduced vibration, and structural integrity. The proper foundation, alignment, and surface placement of heavy machinery requires precision laser tracking to minimize error and reduce cost overruns.

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Monitoring of Equipment Settling and Movement

We measure the angle and distance of equipment, record positioning, and analyze motion before or after operation. This helps us understand tooling feedback, foundation problems, vibrational effects, and proper assembly.

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monitoring equipment settling and movement
robotic equipment and machinery adjustment

Robotic Equipment and Machinery Adjustment

Extensive use of robotic equipment requires the monitoring and adjustment of its arm’s trajectory, weld-seam tracking, and oscillation. Laser-based measurement allows your team to apply software-controlled corrections as needed in real-time.

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Equipment Modifications

Part replacements during repair or modification require laser tracking to ensure precise alignment. Since two identical parts will have varying tolerances, we help confirm installation accuracy for optimal performance.

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equipment modification


During the inspection process, we analyze tolerances, angles, and surface topology, confirming that they are within acceptable norms and meet certification requirements. During rebuilds, installations, or removals, we ensure that your equipment always meets or exceeds industry standards.

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