Steam Turbine Alignment

Steam Turbine Alignment Services

At Schaeffer Precision Alignment, we are a nationally recognized leader in the dimensional measurement and inspection of steam turbine systems for alignment, rebuilds, or problem solving. We use next-generation laser tracker systems backed by real-time data recording, 3D graphical presentation, custom reporting, and consultative analysis.

steam turbine aligment services
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Why Schaeffer Precision?

We provide error-free 360° inspection of volumes up to 200’ with 0.001” repeatable accuracy. Our turbine alignment inspections are 83% faster than traditional methods. We ensure data integrity by using specialized control points to verify measurement tolerances. Our method is independent of gravity, able to calculate axis points using a free orientation axis that results in a higher level of precision near the area of inspection. In less than three hours, our seasoned technicians can employ our exclusive alignment techniques for tops-on or tops-off 18-station inspections on any 3 bearing steam turbine.

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Internal Alignment Inspection

Our custom-engineered alignment process eliminates the use of traditional optical alignment methods. We quickly help you find components that are out of range, require replacement, or improve turbine efficiency using easy-to-read and customizable data that measures bore center location, radial distances, concentricity, and axial distances. We use as-built visual modeling to anticipate vibration and misalignment, ensuring geometrically correct motion for your equipment.

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internal alignment inspection
thermal growth inspection

Thermal Growth Inspection

Our laser tracker will perform real-time thermal growth measurements to help predict heat expansion while machinery is at rest or during post-operational enlargement. Excessive heat may cause high vibration and power consumption. Our portable laser tracker will analyze thermal growth on-site and help visualize the thermodynamic state of your steam turbine, providing unlimited measurement flexibility and 0.03mm repeatable accuracy.

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New Construction Layout

During new construction or renovation projects, we help streamline inspection processes for large steam turbine placement, foundation positioning, and alignment. Effective layout planning ultimately helps avoid errors and reduce cost overruns.

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new construction layout