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Alignment Services

Schaeffer Alignment surpasses industry standards by using advanced alignment methods for over 250 companies in multiple industries. Regardless of project complexity, we combine our seasoned experience with the latest alignment technology.

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Why Schaeffer Precision?

Our technicians can align almost anything with precision accuracy. We have the expertise to customize our services specifically for your project or provide on-site support for maintenance crews and outside contractors.

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Alignment Inspection

We offer an array of alignment inspections for machinery installations, rebuilds, rolling mills, rotating equipment, and preventive maintenance. We align internal components such as couplings and bores, while eliminating downtime during plant operations. Our teams are versatile and flexible, capable of solving numerous run ability problems as well as optimizing machine performance. We will proactively discover poor web tracking, breaks, baggy edges, and uneven thickness in order to eliminate problems before they occur.

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alignment inspection
new construction layout

New Construction Layout

We also employ optical alignment services for new construction layouts to ensure accurate setup of industrial machinery and equipment. Used for both residential or industrial construction, our team employs seasoned professionals who clearly understand the construction process, helping to minimize error and reduce cost overruns.

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Setup of Control Monuments

Aligning and leveling equipment based on elevations, control monuments, and baselines will reduce potential problems later. We are seasoned in the setup, location, and placement of floor-alignment control monuments. This includes establishing centerlines for machinery axes as well as baseline references. These monuments are located throughout a plant floor while CAD coordinates are used to establish machine line footprints. Control monuments help us optically align and level each machine section as they are set into place in accordance with each footprint.

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setup of control monuments